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Longsummer Nights is an LGBTQ+ paranormal romance anthology set in a shared urban fantasy universe. Its wide variety of prose stories explore what it means to be a monster, as well as what happens when you love one.

They say the big city is where you go to be someone else. For some, Longsummer is where they go to be themselves. The lesser-known jewel of the Gulf Coast has been home to a secret world for centuries, and the only thing more colorful than its past is its present. At night, demons ride the streetcars. Fae stroll the moonlit canals. Vampires lurk in smoky jazz clubs and seedy hotels. Ghosts haunt the Mansard roofs and poison gardens of Belle Reve, and creatures of ancient terror bask under the Spanish moss. In the rich, perfumed heat, passions can rise to a fever pitch. So lie back and breathe. If you feel lightheaded, that means its spell is working.

But beware the masquerade, the unspoken agreement that supernatural beings must hide their true nature. Though humans and supernatural beings mingle in some neighborhoods, they maintain a delicate dance of denial, and missteps can be fatal. Despite this, the city has a way of bringing lovers together across boundaries - with magical results. Some humans are swept away by the promise of an extraordinary life. Some immortals’ curiosity blooms into desire. Other supernatural beings gravitate to one other, taking comfort in the kinship of someone who truly understands. The course of love may not always run smooth, but one thing’s for certain: in Longsummer, it conquers all. 

By purchasing Longsummer Nights, you will receive an ebook in MOBI, EPUB, and PDF formats. It features fifteen paranormal romances of varying lengths, with content that ranges from explicit to fade-to-black chaste. 

The authors, titles, and pairings are listed below in order:

RIEN GRAY · "Seeds of Solace" · F/NB
A.K. FEDEAU · "Anniversary" · M/F
FISHER STRUNC · "Virgin Cocktail" · M/NB
A. HENDRICKS · "Heart of Stone" · M/M
FRANCES MAPLES · "A Simply Miraculous Invention" · NB/NB
T.K. HIRST · "Indelible and Nocturnal" · M/M
AMANDA LOUISE · "Corylus And Stone" · F/F
CYRUS ADAMS · "Mending Ribbons" · M/M
ALIX COMEAU · "Ancient History for Modern Lovers" · F/F
ABIGAIL LAUGHLIN · "Le Chien Noir" · M/F
EVE GOLDEN-WOODS · "The Antidote To Memory" · F/F
DEVAN SOYKA · "Every Medicine, A Poison" · M/F
CHERRY · "Labrys" · M/M
MARGOT MADISON · "What Happened At Wisteria House" · F/F
ARSON KIDDER · "Toothpick" · F/F

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsanthology, LGBTQIA, paranormal, Romance


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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I just bought it and I was really looking forward to it. But the files just won't open on my phone, no matter if I use zip unpacker, no matter which PDF reader I use... I'm so lost right now. What did I do wrong? :(

It always says the file either doesn't exist or is corrupted.... I've downloaded it several times already..

Hello! Are you the same person who sent us an anon ask on tumblr? We responded to you over there if you could DM us when you have the chance :D

Yes I am.. I'm sorry for the inconvenience I am just really lost.😢 I will message you!

Deleted 126 days ago

I loved this so much each character was so well written. If you like romance and fantasy this is definitely the thing to read. I have to admit I did buy the book mainly because I knew some of the writers from love struck worked on this, but dang this was good. I would love if this lead to their own mobile app to create stories with illustrations and such. I know they say don’t get your hopes up, but I just can’t help it. I know it would be just amazing. Thank you for your hard work and the wonderful stories. Definitely 10/10 gold stars. 😁❤️ 


This was absolutely phenomenal. The Longsummer setting is so cool and so interesting, and the various threads and lore details about it that crop up throughout the stories are fascinating.

I obviously had my favourites (The Antidote to Memory, Toothpick, A Simply Miraculous Invention), but there wasn't a single one I didn't enjoy. They're all really high quality work and all worth reading. So many of them spoke to me as a queer trans person about feelings of monstrosity and isolation and fear, and seeing those get resolved through intimacy in all its various forms was really emotional and fulfilling. Also the sex is without exception EXTREMELY hot. Shoutout to Arson Kidder for writing the most intense monsterfucking in the anthology. I have eaten well today.

Fantastic work by all the contributors and the editor, this is a steal at $15. I can't recommend it enough